Pie Bar


Pie is not just for special occasions, it is meant to be enjoyed on a regular basis. We would love for you to choose Pie Bar as your source for great pie.

Owner and pie maker, Lauren Bolden, began baking pies for family and friends when she was still just another bratty kid. Many years and lots of pies later, she began to pursue something that makes her happy..pie.

Lauren’s husband, Cody Bolden, joined the Pie Bar team and turned a hobby into a business. Pie Bar’s first retail store is located in Downtown Woodstock, Georgia.

If you are looking for a no-frills, simple approach to delicious pie, Pie Bar is your place. We specialize in making pies that look homemade (because they are) and taste even better. 

We are passionate about creating a pie that people love to eat and love to share. All of our pies are handcrafted and made with the most fresh and local ingredients as possible. 

Pie Bar is truly pie for the masses.