Truck and Tap Park: Angel Fire 7


Hello! My name is Joseph Martin and I started ANGELFIRE7 BBQ, LLC out of my passion for putting flame to meat…that passion started at an early age for me when I would watch my dad cook steaks on the grill when I was a child. I can still smell and hear those steaks sizzlin’ to this day. From there let’s fast forward to 1996 in Texas where I bought my first in-ground natural gas grill. That grill is where I learned how to slow-roast a Standing Beef Rib Roast- a specialty of mine.

Grilling was great and life was good but I started to see smokers here, there, and pretty soon, everywhere. A neighbor had a small Brinkman smoker that he wasn’t using much and offered to let me use it. That turned into rib cooking contests or “rib-offs” with some of the neighbors. Pretty soon we were having neighborhood parties where we would cook large quantities of food for holidays, special events, or for just about any reason.

Upon returning to Georgia, the Lord continued to bless me, and I was able to sharpen my culinary skills for several years. In 2010 I won 1st place prize in the “People’s Choice” category at a chili cook off in Canton, GA. Well that sparked a flame that I couldn’t ignore any longer. I finally purchased the materials to build a “real” smoker and enlisted the welding skills of Steve Rapp. Together we designed and built a small trailer smoker and the rest, as they say, is history…fast forward to 2013. The Lord continues to bless me and we took first place in Pork Butts at a July 2011 competition in Savannah using an unfamiliar Lang 108 smoker, courtesy of Al Jackson, and a crew I’d never worked with before. Angelfire7 BBQ has expanded our smoker fleet to include a Custom Southern Pride SPX300 mobile commercial unit which we use for our Professional BBQ Competition Team “Smokin’ for You” and larger catering events.