Italy and the American South share an affinity that we believe is based on our culinary philosophies. Both food cultures tend to focus on the balance of tradition with creativity.

Italians and Southerners also both love simple, humble dishes that take a lot of time, hard work and skilled technique to produce. Traditional Southern Italian food—like we serve at Vngenzo’s—is the simple food of farmers, made with the things a family had on hand: fresh tomatoes, olive oil, eggs, flour, pork for sausage and cured meats, a few herbs and a little milk. It’s the love the goes into them that makes them special. Milk is just milk unitl it’s pulled into fresh mozzarella. And the best pasta you’ve ever had started out as nothing but eggs, flour and a little salt.

That’s what our menu is all about. We always have something new to try, but every dish relies on the simple foundations that make Italian food the world’s best.